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A commitment to information and personal experiences gathered from a wide-range of perspectives; utilizing social and digital media platforms to increase accessibility of the content by the audience; and enthusiasm to create and experiment with new ways to tell a story is what I contribute to every project I work on.

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World AIDS Day Facebook Live

Logo (Viacom) | Content Type: Livestream

World AIDS Day is one several awareness days they recognize through social, digital, and editorial content. The pitch reviewed by the social media coordinator and made to VH1/Logo social management proposed a Facebook Live moderated panel of HIV-positive individuals focusing on how HIV/AIDS is currently impacting people of color, how the panelists HIV status has impact their personal and professional lives, and how HIV/AIDS organizations/programs have been impacted by the current presidential administration. The proposed and discussed topics was influenced by prior reading of news coverage on HIV/AIDS, and attending an exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York on the history of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in New York City.

The Facebook Live earned over 110K views, with social cuts posted on social media the same day of airing and this year’s World AIDS Day as well. The Facebook Live was well-received by VH1/Logo social management.

Responsible for: Pitching to VH1/Logo social management, researching and compiling an expanded list of potential moderators and panelists from the starting list included in the pitch for the Facebook Live, collaborate with the social media coordinator to narrow the topic areas discussed in the Facebook Live, researching prior video clips of narrowed list of potential moderators/panelists to determine comfortability on-camera, attending meetings to discuss progress in organizing the Facebook Live, attending airing of the Facebook Live to observe process and film video to be used on Instagram Stories.


Opioids: An epidemic plaguing Westchester County

The Impact News | Content Type: Print/Digital Media

Over 64,000 people died from a drug overdose in the United States in 2017. 124 of those who died hailed from Westchester County, one of the most affluent counties in the country. In a long-form news article, opioid addiction is looked at from several points of view. A county government launching a lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies, a police officer tasked to remove dealers from the streets and trying to comfort families with addicted children, and a mother who started a non-profit to assist others with co-occurring disorders that contributed to her son’s death from a drug overdose.

In Focus: Industries Facing Employee Shortages

In Focus: America | Content Type: Digital Media

Unemployment is continually decreasing and there are recurring news stories on the difficulty for individuals to find a job. Both job trends point opposite of the other, but this is compounded by industries that say they cannot find enough people to fill the jobs open and the shortage of employees is impacting people in their day-to-day lives.

In the second edition of the ‘In Focus’ newsletter, shortage of firefighters in small towns, 911 call center operators, and truck drivers is explored through reporting by the Washington Post, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, and Fox News Radio.


2018 Women’s March Multi-platform Reporting

The Impact News | Content Type: Print/Digital, and Video for digital and social Media

The second Women’s March in New York City was a call to action as much as it was a reaction to events over the past year. The reporting conducted across The Impact News’ print, digital, and social media coverage was done with a focus on each platform’s reporting focusing on a different perspective. The article published in print and publication’s website focused on who the participants are, their motivations, and personal experiences. The news package for the publication’s YouTube channel provided a wider-context of events leading up to the march and going forward. The social video produced was the first effort in leading an expansion of original reporting and content on the publication’s social media channels, which earned over 5 times the average number of views. The reporting produced for digital and social media done in collaboration with the digital news team.

Responsible for: Interviewing over a dozen individuals for reporting across all platforms, acting as point of contact and leading preparation prior to the march, manage live-tweeting and overseeing posting on Instagram Stories by member of digital news team, researched and wrote news article published for print and publication’s website; produced digital and social videos by choosing segment of speech to highlight, writing and narrating voice-over script, and overseeing completion by editors.


Student Celebrates Freedom for Zimbabwe After Mugabe’s Farewell

The Impact News | Content Type: Print/Digital Media and Video for Social Media

Life for Chantal Ncube, who was born and grew-up in Zimbabwe, has never existed without the country’s dictator Robert Mugabe until November 2017 when he was removed from power. She finds herself hopeful for her country’s future. A hope parallel to that she holds for herself with the academic and economic freedom she has found as a college student in the U.S. Though, she laments Zimbabwe likely can still not provide following Mugabe and looks to a potential future in the U.S. post-graduation.

An excerpt of her interview adapted and edited with captioning allows the audience to hear directly from her on her thoughts of freedom in the U.S. and the career paths open to her.

This Is Life with Lisa Ling Season 5 Live Tweeting

In Focus: America | Content Type: Social Media

The central question of In Focus: America (IFA) is “who are we as Americans and America?” The CNN docuseries This is Life with Lisa Ling shares a similar question and seeks to answer through profiling Americans from a vast range of backgrounds.

IFA followed the fifth season of This is Life with Lisa Ling attempting to answer this question. IFA live-tweeted important soundbites, key information, and suggested articles relevant to the topic of that weeks episode. Potential articles suggested were researched before and during the airing of the episode, with the sources ranging from the New York Times to Vice.

Live-tweeting averaged 6,442 impressions and 416 engagements per episode, while gaining over a dozen followers.


CNN 2018 Florida gubernatorial election debate and MSNBC Beto o’Rourke Town Hall live tweeting

In Focus: America | Content Type: Social Media

The Florida gubernatorial race and Texas senate race in the 2018 midterms captured national attention due to the candidates running, wide-range of issues raised by voters, potential political firsts depending on the outcome, and change in voting patterns. The live-tweeting conducted was a mix of tweets highlighting key statements, articles offering further information on topics discussed, and designed social media assets on the policy positions of the candidates.

Nonprofits File Federal Housing Lawsuit Against Liberty Bank

CT News Junkie | Content Type: Digital Media

Liberty Bank, the third-largest bank in Connecticut, was sued by two fair housing organizations for discriminating against African-Americans and Latinos in their lending practices. The lawsuit follows several “testers” posing as lending applicants of different races.

The reporting published demonstrates an ability to complete under deadline and communicate complex information in a conversational tone.

These are not dark times. These are awakening times.
— Jennifer Lewis, Actress, Singer, and Activist