In my freshman year of high school, I stumbled upon a video clip of Our America with Lisa Ling on YouTube. The video clip was from the second episode of her OWN docuseries on children and adults who identify as transgender. I admired how Lisa Ling channeled the viewer’s curiosity into her interviews, while providing the people interviewed space to guide how they shared their stories.

I attribute watching Lisa Ling on her docuseries to when I first realized the impact journalism and informative/news content can have on the viewer, and how digital/social platforms can expand how many people watch the information presented.

Over the past three years, it has been my goal to have the same impact on the viewer in my own work from producing segments on southern central Connecticut for iCRV Radio to producing a Facebook Live for World AIDS Day as a social media strategy intern for Logo. Today, I mange my independent project In Focus: America highlighting reporting from across the nation through daily social publishing and recurring newsletter.

My promise to you is to contribute my passion for journalism, communicating how current events impacts people in their day-to-day lives, and interest in social/digital platforms to your team and company.



Collaborator, follower of current events, and passion for producing informative content and projects.



Over 3 years of collective experience in reporting, producing, social media management, and government.

There is nothing more important than hardwork... When I first started, I raised my hand and volunteered for everything.
— Dana Bash, Journalist and Television Anchor for CNN
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In Focus: america

Highlighting reporting about culture, politics, and human discovery in America on Twitter. In addition, ‘In Focus’ newsletter and live-tweeting of docuseries and debates for 2018 and 2020 elections.


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