Why Me to Join Your Team?

My strength in content development prepares me to work in today's multi-platform media landscape, and consistently grow and strengthen my skill set.

Content development teaches me how to research information from a variety of sources, and identify ways (interviews, newsletters, social video, etc.) to communicate this information towards different audiences and media platforms. Content development benefits me in having a multi-platform mindset where I understand how to craft a story that will be presented on more than one platform. Content Development teaches me, through repeated experience, how to individually or lead a team in managing a project from an idea to finished product. The opportunity to work within a team has helped me develop strong verbal and written communication skills that I use to facilitate strong coordination between team members, while leveraging a member's work style and strengths to benefit the overall team and project. My interest in collaboration and amplifying people's stories as a call to action is the glue that binds these skills together.

As an associate editor for The Impact News, I lead the multi-platform reporting of the 2018 Women's March in collaborating with the digital news team to develop content for print and their website, live tweeting, IG Stories, and social and digital video. I worked with my team members in the fast-paced environment of the march in New York City to interview a dozen people and identify visuals to use in written, live social, and video coverage.

As an outreach coordinator for the CT Senator Democrats Office, I collaborate with several state senator’s legislative aides and press aides to support the senator’s efforts to build relationships with the communities they represent. I support this by identifying, developing, and producing opportunities to meet with constituents from coordinating business tours to organizing roundtable discussions.

What I Have Achieved

  • First social media intern at the TV channel Logo to produce a Facebook Live that earned over 110K views.

  • Co-authored an in-depth news story on opioid addiction in Westchester County for The Impact News.

  • Served as an associate editor for The Impact News expanding coverage to social media, and collaborating with the digital news editor.

  • Supported the Part2 Pictures production office towards CNN’s This Is Life with Lisa Ling Season 5 and Chasing Life with Sanjay Gupta premiering in 2019.

  • Launched In Focus: America in Aug. 2018. A news project highlighting local and national reporting on Twitter, and publishing ‘In Focus,’ a biweekly current events news letter. The project earned over 120K impressions from September to November 2018.

  • Lead reporter for politics and social issues for The Impact News reporting on immigration, survivors of mass shootings, food insecurity among college students, the LGBTQ community, and interviews with Westchester County (NY) officials.

  • Produced two weekly programs, Library Chat and CRV Farmstand, and several segments per week for iCRV Radio.

Strengths and Specialties

  • Reporting on Social Issues and Culture, (ex. LGBTQ rights, Opioid Addiction, Grassroots Activism, etc.), and Community/Local News

  • Booking and Conducting Interviews (on and off-air)

  • Pre-production for Non-Fiction, Talk, Television and Radio News Programming

  • Social Media Management, Publishing, and Live/Video Content

  • Localizing News Stories on National News Stories and Current Events

Journalism is an act of faith in the future.
— Ann Curry, Journalist and former co-anchor of Today on NBC