I continually strive to have the work I conduct in my professional and personal lives benefit the local community and marginalized groups. Whether it is providing my social media skills to support the free exchange of ideas or devoting a few hours each week to creating a more inclusive campus environment, I hope to have a positive impact on those around me.

East Hampton Democratic Town Committee

Social Media Manager | September 2018 - Present

I was asked by the Chair of the East Hampton Democratic Town Committee, a long-time friend of my father, if I would volunteer to manage their social media pages as their current social media manager was focusing on completing earning her degree. I am committed to following media and journalism ethics of impartiality and fairness. As such, I did not campaign for any candidate, but focused my efforts on managing the social media pages, and how I could best contribute to the exchange of information and ideas.

I managed the Facebook and Instagram channels by providing regular notice of upcoming local campaign events, providing Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories coverage of a state senate debate, and designing social media assets discussing the policy proposals of local state senate and state representative candidates for the Democratic Party.

In addition, I viewed this an opportunity to gain an understanding of the process involved in political campaigns that I could later apply into my future work. I also wanted to utilize the experience to reference in comparing how social media is used in politics compared to journalism and entertainment.


South Presbyterian Church

Deacon | June 2015 - June 2018

I am honored to have been elected by the congregants of South Presbyterian Church in Dobbs Ferry, New York to serve a three year term as a deacon. I served alongside several other individuals in working to maintain weekly church social functions, act as liaison between the congregants and pastor in communicating their concerns/needs/points of view, and supporting the church’s social work initiatives.

I continued to support the church’s food pantry as I had for several months prior to serving as a deacon. I was part of the cast and promoted on Mercy College a performance of the Vagina Monologues, with proceeds going to Hope’s Door, a non-profit serving victims of domestic violence.


GLOW UP (Gay, Lesbian, or Whatever U Prefer)

Secretary | October 2014 - May 2017

To be elected three times to serve as secretary of GLOW UP and work with a passionate group of individuals committed to a safer campus for all students is one of my proudest achievements from my college years.

As secretary I oversaw the taking and organization of meeting notes, co-managed several meetings in the absence of the President of the student organization, and represented the student organization at Mercy College events. My two long-term projects was overseeing the social publishing and content creation of the social media channels, and coordinating outreach to non-profits and LGBTQ advocates in the Westchester County/New York City area.

Through managing the social media channels, I produced several videos promoting upcoming events, results of fundraisers, and two videos under the banner of a “Talk to GLOW UP” series on YouTube. In addition, I volunteered with fellow GLOW UP members at The LOFT’s, a White Plains-based non-profit supporting the LGBTQ community, Thanksgiving dinner for the elderly and individuals who do not have loved ones to spend the holiday with.